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Melag Autoclaves and Sterilizers Autoclave Autoclaves

This MELAG high tech autoclave satisfies stipulations of European Standard EN 285 for large scale sterilizers in hospitals. Cost effectiveness For their operation, vacuum autoclaves require demineralised water for the generation of sterilization steam.

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Service Portal MELAG

Receive further know how interactively in our webinars covering all MELAG products and devices. All you need is a computer and a secure internet connection.

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Washer Disinfectors Lab Washers for Your Needs Belimed US

Belimed sets new standards in machine processing. The cleaning systems are developed according to the requirements of pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies and meet the highest demands with regard to validation, reliability and long service life.

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Integrated Electric Steam Sterilizers Belimed US

Overview. Explore reliable and robust washers, sterilizers and more for your pharmaceutical, biotechnology and research applications. Read More

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Sterilizers k

Sterilizers * Click on images to enlarge . Enlarge Image. EZ 9 TUTTNAUER. High efficiency air pump circulates hot air after the sterilization cycle for fast drying.Pre loaded cycles for unwrapped instruments, wrapped/packs, and glassware to keep the top of the autoclave accessible to ensure dependability and long life; Enlarge Image.

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Cement Autoclaves Humboldt Mfg

Cement Autoclave Supports the following standards ASTM C151 , AASHTO T107 Uses accelerated means of estimating delayed expansion of Portland cement caused by hydration of CaO and MgO.

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Steam Sterilizers for dental practice and clinic Premium

Customer Feedback Premium Class Evolution the ideal steam sterilizer for a dental practice and clinic. Customer satisfaction is the best proof of the success of our

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Autoclave, glass processing machine Xinology

Therefore, being a kinds of main equipment for advanced processing of glass, such autoclave is widely used in the automobile, aeronautical and space flight industries, as well as building ornamentation, where normal or super anti penetrating sandwiched glass would be used.

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Laboratory Autoclaves & Sterilizers Small, Medium, Large

Laboratory Autoclaves & Sterilizers. Case Study Consolidated Sterilizer Systems Performs Custom Autoclave Installation for Leading Biopharmaceutical Company

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EK and E Class N Autoclaves Tuttnauer

Tuttnauer EK sterilizer is an automatic autoclave with a quick cycle mode. The EK Sterilizer decreases heating time by over 50%, resuting in fast and efficient sterilization cycles and quick instrument turnaround. Pre and Postvacuum Designed to meet the strictest EN 13060 standards, our state of the art tabletop autoclaves offer 19.828

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